Wyoming Cowboy Hall Of Fame

The Real Cowboys of the "Cowboy State"

2017 Inductees – Click on the name beow

The links on this page will be active after the State Induction in Casper September 24, 2017

Atkinson, James “Jim”
Barnette, Richard T. “Bucky”
Beard, James “Bill”
Bell, Don “Reckless Red”
Boles, Louis D. “Louie”
Brown, Ernest Nathan “Nate”
Buckhaults, Joe W. “J.W.”
Butler, Murray
Clark, Donald “Dee”
Corbett, John G. “Jack”
Dockery, Carl Obe
Dunning, Charles
Dvarishkis, Edwin “Eddie”
Edwards, Percy
Firnekas, Church Hill
Fordyce, Joseph Stephen “Joe”
Givens, George Earl “Rasty”
Graves, Jack
Gray, William Shaw “Bill”
Greer, William “Bill”
Grieve, Jimmie and Gloria
Isenberger, Robert “Bob”
Johnson, Albert D. “Bert”
Knori, Dail
Lilley, Frank “Judge’
Lozier, Robert “Bob”
Luman, Abner
Maller, Hugh “Hughie”
Martin, Lewis “Junior”
Martin, J. William “Bill”
McIlvain, Walter C. “Buster”
McMillin, Cecil Vaughn
Middleton, James Oscar “Jim”
Miles, James Henry “Hank”
Miller, Otto Arthur Herman
Montgomery, Arthur Lesie “Art”
Peterson, Howard Paul “Red”
Rice, Ray Duane
Roberts, Benjamin “Ben”
Robinson, Alden C.
Scott, Harold
Shaffer, Floyd “Hawk”
Snyder, Robert L. “Bob”
Taylor, Wes
Thompson, George Donald “Powder River”
Wilkinson, Billy

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