Wyoming Cowboy Hall Of Fame

The Real Cowboys of the "Cowboy State"

Inductee Nomination


We will accept nominations for the 2018 Wyoming Cowboy Hall of Fame from December 1, 2017 through February 28, 2018.

An unlimited number of nominations may be submitted. If your story lacks enough information about the nominee’s cowboy life and skills, someone from the county committee will contact you requesting a new nomination be submitted the following year with additional information in the story that the WCHF feels is needed to show they are deserving to be inducted.  Nominees not selected for induction will remain in the pool unless a new nomination with a more detailed story is requested by the county committee.


  1. Cowboy means Cowgirl too.ir
  2. Minimum age for living inductee is sixty-five (65). Special circumstances can be considered.
  3. Inductees may be honored posthumously.
  4. Minimum time of forty-five (45) years in the saddle.
  5. As long as ALL nominees meet ALL of these requirements the following types of group nominations may be submitted as one nomination and if selected will be inducted as one: NOTE: When more than 1 person is listed on the nomination form as a sibling, husband & wife, or family group EVERY person listed must meet ALL of the qualifications and MUST be talked about in the nomination story!!  If they aren’t the nomination will not be considered.
    1. Siblings (brothers & sisters)
    2. Husband & Wife
    3. Family
  6. Nominees don’t need to have been born in Wyoming, but all nominees must have had primary residency in the state of Wyoming as a working cowboy/cowgirl.
  7. Nominees don’t need to have owned a ranch, they could have been a ranch hand.
  8. Rodeo will not eliminate nominee, but they must demonstrate other ranching, riding or cowboy skills.
  9. The Wyoming county the nominee spent the majority of their life in is required so we know which committee to send the nomination to.
  10. Each nominator is responsible for the accuracy of the information in the application. Please double check your dates, spelling of names, etc. as these can’t be corrected after a certain point in the induction process!!
  11. We encourage nominators to include: place of birth, parents/family occupation, childhood, education, life as a cowboy/cowgirl, skills, awards or honors, etc.

PHOTOS: We heartily welcome digital photos. If at all possible, please upload at last 2 to 3 good photos we can use if your nominee is selected to be inducted into the WCHF.  Please know that photos may be made public as part of honoring Inductees.  Photos need to be in a .JPG or OTHER PICTURE FORMAT not a .pdf format!

PLEASE NOTE: AFTER YOU FINISH AND YOU CLICK SUBMIT, you will see the message listed below along with the donate button at the top of a blank nomination form

Thanks for submitting your nomination!  If you would like to donate to the WCHF please do so below.


If you DO NOT get the above message, either REDUCE THE SIZE OF YOUR PICTURES OR SUBMIT IT WITHOUT PICTURES AS THEY ARE PROBABLY TOO LARGE TO UPLOAD!! (Maximum upload size of all pictures is 7 MB)
If your nomination is submitted successfully you will get a copy of your nomination emailed to the email address listed in the nominator’s information with the following message at the top of the nomination information “Hello, Your nomination has been sent to the WCHF. Thank you for your time.” 

If you don’t receive an email with a copy of the nomination with the above message, please check your Junk/Spam Folder.

(PLEASE double check the nominator’s email address to make sure it’s typed correctly before submitting)






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