All of the following commemorative items can be pre-ordered by calling Nikki at 307-851-8523 with a debit or credit card. In order to have these available for pickup in Casper, all of these items have a cut off date except for the solid walnut inductee plaque & that will be mailed directly to you.

Most of the pre-ordered items can be picked up Saturday evening outside the hospitality room or Sunday at the Casper Events Center. Any of the pre-ordered engraved items except for the engraved whiskey bottle can be mailed to you if you can’t attend the induction and would like to order a commemorative item in honor of the inductee for an additional shipping charge.












The Engraved commemorative whiskey bottles sell FOR $100 and belt buckles FOR $225 shown above if pre-ordered and picked up at the induction by calling Nikki at 307-851-8523 with a debit or credit card. 



Bottles can’t be mailed so if you miss the cutoff deadline of August 20th  or order at the induction the cost will be $110 and you will have to make arrangements with the engraver to pick your bottles up.

Buckles ordered after July 31st either through Nikki or at the induction will cost $235 and will be mailed sometime in December or January after they get them made.

Bottles – Most people have been engraving under the WCHF logo, the inductee’s name and the date they are inducted into the WCHF which this year will be September 23, 2018, but you can also engraved their date of birth & date of death like this picture if they’re deceased and you would prefer that. 

ENGRAVED WOOD OR MARBLE PLAQUES WITH INDUCTEE NAME, DATE OF INDUCTION & PICTURE can also be pre-ordered by family/friends. The wood plaques have a hangar on the back but Marble plaques will need a stand/easel (not included). These can be mailed if you are unable to attend the induction and would like a commemorative item of the inductee. Additional shipping fees will apply. The sizes & prices are listed below.

PHOTOS need to be clear photos with minimal shadows, we would appreciate 2 photos to choose from if possible.
5×7 Wood or Marble $125
7×5 Wood or Marble – $125
8×10 Wood or Marble – $150


ENGRAVED FLASKS with the WCHF Logo, inductee’s name and date of induction or their Date of Birth and Date of Death like above can also be pre-ordered by family/friends for $25.

These can also be mailed if you are unable to attend. The example above shows other logos but the engraved flask will have the inductee information listed above unless you request something different.

Additional 8 x 10 Solid Walnut 2017 Inductee Plaques with the Inductee’s name on it can also be ordered by family and friends for $60 plus shipping. See the sample above for what the plaques will look like. Call Nikki at 307-851-8523 with debit or credit card. This is the only item that can’t be picked up in Casper September 22-23 and will be mailed directly to you.