Wyoming Cowboy Hall Of Fame

The Real Cowboys of the "Cowboy State"

Regional Contacts


Region 1Campbell, Crook and Weston County

Campbell County Chair – Tiffany Schwenke tiffanyschwenke@northfourmilecreek.com

Campbell County Co-Chair – Marilyn & Dudley Mackey  mackeyranch1@vcn.com

Crook County Chair – Judy Brengle brengle4@icloud.com

Crook County Co-Chair – Criss Neiman croziercriss@yahoo.com

Weston County – Lauris Tysdal  ltysdal@rtconnect.net

Weston County – Tony Farrella  tonyfarella56@gmail.com


Region 2 Niobrara, Platte and Goshen County

Niobrara County Chair – Jim Kruse lc.kruse@gmail.com

Platte County Chair – Tina Willis dickandtina@msn.com

Goshen County Chair – Jody Walter letherbuck2003@yahoo.com

Niobrara, Platte & Goshen County Co-Chair – Russell Walter  russellwalter@yahoo.com


 Region 3Albany and Laramie County

Albany County Chair – Sharleen Castle  Sharleen.Castle@fib.com

Albany County Co-Chair –  Guy Warpness    gwarp59@gmail.com

Laramie County Chair – Ron Roberson   rroberson18@gmail.com

Laramie County Co-Chair – Buddy Hirsig   buddyhirsig@hotmail.com


Region 4 – Natrona and Converse County

Natrona County Chair – Peggy Price jprice1@wildblue.net

Converse County Chair – Denise Irwin Langley dnslng.0642@gmail.com


Region 5 Sheridan and Johnson County

Sheridan County Chair  – Elizabeth Reynolds Kincaid liz@sheridanmedia.com

Johnson County Chair – Lee Martinez  ccmmtz@rtconnect.net


Region 6 Park, Big Horn and Washakie County

Park County Chair – Leslie Keltner runumukcowgirl@gmail.com

Big Horn County Chair – – Mary Lou Perkins perkinsmarylou59@gmail.com

Washakie County Chair – Deb Keller  debkeller152@gmail.com


Region 7 Sweetwater and Carbon County

Carbon County Chair– Valerie Remick   mhorselady@hotmail.com

Sweetwater County Chair – Valerie Remick mhorselady@hotmail.com


Region 8Fremont and Hot Springs County

Hot Springs County Chair –  Ross Rhodes imahancocktwister@gmail.com

Hot Springs County Co-Chair – Larry Bentley lb5cows@tctwest.net

Fremont County Chair – B.J. Griffin leatherdesign2@gmail.com


Region 9 Lincoln and Uinta County

Uinta County Chair – David M.Baer   baerdavid7@gmail.com

Lincoln County Chair –  Katie Simpson  ks3030@hotmail.com

Lincoln County Co-Chair – Terry Titensor  tlt@lvenergy.com


Region 10 Teton and Sublette County

Teton County Chair – Steve Robertson   steve@tripleslash.com

Sublette County Chair –  Jonita Somers   jonitasommers@gmail.com





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